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Eagle PI - The Premier Private Investigator in Denver / Boulder / Broomfield

For 20 years Eagle PI has been the premier Denver and Boulder private investigator and detective agency serving attorneys, insurance companies, large and small businesses, non-profits and consumers throughout the all of Colorado.  From child custody, criminal defense, personal injury, deadbeat parent / child support, and surveillance; our private investigators conduct all types of investigative tasks. 

With our instant access to electronic information, nationwide network of investigative professionals and our no – nonsense approach to conducting investigations, we can handle any size investigation in Colorado or nationally.  By employing the most innovative investigative techniques and fact gathering systems, we guarantee each and every investigation will be conducted and handle with complete Professionalism, Accountability and Trustworthiness.

Child Custody Investigation
Eagle PI - Denver Child Custody Investigator
Are you saying to yourself, “I can’t believe I am looking for an investigator to help me with a child custody matter.”  Don’t feel bad or think that you are doing anything wrong.  You are not alone!  And ask yourself this, "Is the welfare and safety of my child worth speaking to an investigator?”  Eagle Investigations are expert Child Custody Investigators in Denver and throughout Colorado.

Eagle Investigations  is experienced at investigating child custody, visitation violations, child safety and welfare, and support issues.  These are some of the most difficult situations anyone can face.  Any legal issue involving a child is stressful.   Read more...
Criminal Defense Investigations
For 20 years, Eagle Investigations, Inc. has been assisting attorneys in the criminal defense of people accused of everything from simple code violations to felonies.  We have all the knowledge, and experience of other criminal defense investigators and also the personality triats to put the personal touch on our investigations for our clients.


We are ADC (Alternative Defense Counsel) approved private investigator and also members of the CCDB (Colorado Criminal Defense Bar).  We have experience in investigating such cases as; attempted murder, assault, sex offenses, DUI, burglary, restraining order violations, discrimination, fraud and more.  Read more...

Deadbeat Mom and Dad and Child Support

DEADBEATS MOST WANTED , our sister site, provides resources to locate deadbeat mom and dad and assist in the attempt of collecting unpaid child support by combining innovative investigative techniques, legal collection remedies, media exposure, internet search friendly website of offenders and YOU!

We understand that we will not be able to collect on all unpaid child support.  Some deadbeat mom and dad run faster than the system.  But what most systems do not do is expose them.  They do not put their identities, personal information and the facts that surround them being a deadbeat out there for the world to see.  The system does not shine a big bright light on them and let the world know what kind of a delinquent the deadbeat parent really is.  Read more...

Denver and Boulder  Private Investigator providing services in child custody, criminal defense, deadbeat mom and dad, child support, surveillance and more.  We also provide serves as private investigator in Denver and Boulder.  The premier private investigator in Denver and Boulder.  The premier private investigator in Broomfield.  Denver and Boulder private investigator assisting with all types of investigative needs.  Providing all types of services as a private investigator in Broomfield.  No job is too small or large for our private investigators in Broomfield.   Being a private investigator in Broomfield allows us to help the members of our small community.   We also have strong as a private investigator in Denver and Boulder.  We believe our service as a Denver and Boulder private investigator are unmatched.