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I can not thank the investigator's at Eagle PI enough.  My gut told me there were issues with my daughter and her father.  No one would listen.  Finally, Eagle got me the evidence I needed to prove she was neglected.  Her father is getting the help he needs and soon they will be together again.

~ Jody, Denver CO
Professional, caring and understanding.  My children's mother was an alcoholic.  Judge order her to not drink when around the them.  Jeff and his team not only provided that she was drinking during her visits, they put the proof together so that the judge couldn't ignore it.  He immediately ordered no further visitation with the children until she completed classes and counseling.  

~ John, Longmont CO

Child Custody Investigations

Eagle Investigations, Denver’s Child Custody Investigator is experienced at investigating custody issues, visitation violation, child safety and welfare, and support issues.  These are some of the most difficult situations anyone can face.  Any legal issue involving a child is stressful.  And when you compound that with unresolved disagreements between the parents, well, it can become unbearable.  In some cases the child gets caught in the middle and considered too young to have a voice.  They must rely upon the adults around them to keep them safe.

The Courts, attorney's, advocates, child family investigator, and parents do their best, with the information they have, to make the right decision about custody, visitation and support for a child.  With the right information, they can to keep a child safe and out of harms way.  But all too all too often questions still remain:

Who is really caring for my child when I am not there?

Is the care adequate and is my child safe?

Is the care giver safe?  What skeletons do they have in their past?

Are the courts and advocates orders being followed?

Is the other parent putting my child in danger or compromising situations and environments?

Is the other parent doing what is best for my child and considering my child’s best interest?

The court is mandated by one simple standard, THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.  In most states, courts appoint advocates to investigate or represent the child in a custody matter.  In Colorado, that person is called a Child Family Investigator (CFI).  By directive, the Child Family Investigator is appointed by the presiding judge and is tasked with investigating both parents and the environments where the child will be spending time.  The CFI then renders a non – biased report to the judge with the recommendations for custody, visitation and support issues.

A Child Custody Investigator is a private investigator that is hired by one party, appointed by the court or a CFI to investigate a parent or interested party to ensure they are acting in the best interest of the child.  By gathering the facts and evidence pertaining to their activities and character, a private investigator can demonstrate the child may be in a dangerous situation and environment.  A private investigator can also provide evidence that one parent or party is knowingly and willingly disregarding the other parents requests or the courts orders.

Some of the services a private investigator working on a custody case may offer to assist you, the courts, attorneys, and Child Family Investigator can include: (not and exclusive list)

Nationwide Background Checks

Witness / Interested party interviews, statements and affidavits.

Surveillance of all interested parties and locations.

Hidden Asset Investigations to include; bank accounts, property and vehicles.

Forensic Computer Investigations.

Other discreet legal investigative tasks


For more on how a Child Custody Investigator and CFI’s can work toward the best interest of your child, read Child Custody Investigator and My Child.