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Deadbeat Parents and Child Support

You share this with 10 people…
They share this with 10 others…
Together we can make a child’s life better!


We partnered with Deadbeats Most Wanted to conduct the investigations into deadbeat moms and dads.  We employ innovative investigative techniques that allow us to locate the deadbeat mom and dad, their employer and their money and assets.   Eagle has spent the past 15 years perfecting this technique which makes it almost impossible for any deadbeat to hide.

The first step in collecting any child support is locating the deadbeat parent.  This can be helpful in a number of ways.  Once the deadbeat has been located further investigative tasks can be completed, legal collection actions can be taken and the deadbeat can be contacted to attempt to get them to relinquish their parental rights.
After the deadbeat has been located the courts may be the next course of action.  Deadbeats Most Wanted has a national network of attorneys and collection companies ready to execute garnishments, depositions and evidentuary hearings to garner assets and support payments for children left behind by deadbeats.



DEADBEATS MOST WANTED is designed to do just that.  EXPOSE DEADBEATS!  We will provide each deadbeat with their own search friendly web page.  On this page you find; their full name, date of birth, current and/or last known location, employer, how long they have been a deadbeat, how much money they owe and how long since their last support payment.  We will also give you a glimpse into their life before and after making the choice to be a deadbeat.

We do not stop there.  Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists will create keywords and tag lines to get the page out there for the world to see.  So if a search is done by the Deatbeat Parents name and information, their page will show up in the search results.

What is exposure without the help of national and local media exposure.  Locally in Colorado Deadbeats Most Wanted has partnered with Troubleshooter Tom Martino and his “Media with a Purpose.”  With his access to radio and television audiences statewide and nationally, thousands will be able to view the deadbeats and help us EXPOSE A DEADBEAT!  Deadbeats Most Wanted will work with all local and national media to expose as many deadbeats as possible.



 The last and most important piece of this process is YOU!  There are an estimated 700 million registered user on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.  Deadbeats Most Wanted has pages on these sites to help in the networking and exposing of deadbeats all over the country.  By doing this, we have made it easier for you and your network of friends, family and co-workers to see our postings of deadbeats and help us expose them for who they really are. 

It is like a pyramid scheme.  If I tell or send this on to 10 people and they turn around and send it on to 10 more people, then by the end of the day 100 people have seen the deadbeats information.  It only takes 1 person to recognize a deadbeat and send us information on them.  And together we have helped make a childs life a little better.

We will also submit the deadbeats page and information to online discussion groups, complaint sights and other websites that allow article based submissions on individuals.  Many of these sites conduct their own Search Engine Optimization of articles which provides even more exposure.

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Deadbeat - Exposed!  With Jeff's help, we located my children's father.  Jeff worked with local police to have the deadbeat picked up during his going away party.  Instead of paying the $40,000 in back support, he relinquished his rights.  Today, my children have been legally adopted by the only man they have ever known as Dad.

Mary, Happy Mom
Denver, Colorado
Their mom fled to Kentucky.  New boyfriend, new turn on life.  Same old story.  Within 3 days, Jeff located her and provide the sheriff's with the warrant for her arrest.  Before being released, my children received $12,500 of the $20,000 they were owed.

   Boulder, Colorado