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Investigative Services

Sometimes your needs are not as complex as a child custody case or criminal defense investigation.  Sometimes all you need is to locate a lost loved one, a background check, or surveillance.  We can help with that also.  Eagle Investigations can help with; skip traces, locates, background checks, mate checks, infidelity verification, or other types of surveillance. 

What is one sure way of catching someone, “in the act?”  Surveillance!!! Webster defines surveillance as “keeping close watch over someone.”  The trick is doing it without getting caught.  You have seen it in the movies; the P.I. is sitting under a nice shade tree in a convertible sports car snapping video and/or photographs of their subject while the car’s top down.  If only that could be the case!

Eagle’s investigators are trained and specialized in all types of surveillance. Day or night we can follow anyone anywhere.  Our common sense approach to conducting surveillance provides us with a unique perspective not found in other investigative firms.  Before we conduct surveillance, we gather as much information as possible to make it a safe, discreet, quick and effective outing. The more information we have the better information you will receive.

We only use state of the art surveillance equipment.  Our digital cameras have night capability and digital zoom capability allowing us to obtain what we need without getting too close.  If the subject is inside or we need to go undercover, we have the largest state of the art inventory of hidden body worn cameras available.

Whether your checking on your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or suspect a fraud issue, we can handle any type surveillance for you no matter how big or small.  We can provide multiple investigators or if needed, we also have female investigators to get the job done!

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Statewide or Nationwide Background Checks

We understand that hiring an employee or trying to find the right tenant can be a stressful and frustrating task.  We can relieve some of the stress and frustration by empowering you with knowledge needed to make the right choice.

The accessibility of information has made it easier to determine if a person will be a detriment to you and your investment.  We realize that everyone’s needs are different and will not force you into a screening package that provides you with information you don’t need.  You tell us your needs and concerns and we will customize a screening package just for you!!!

The most accurate way to conduct a background screening is to visit the authority that maintains the records you wish to see and review their database system or file.  In many cases this can take several weeks or longer to obtain the results.  We have developed a method of obtaining criminal information supplied by the states police departments, courts or correctional institutions that is quick and accurate.  Each state maintains its records in different methods and formats.  The trick is accessing those records and obtaining the right information.

We will not force you into one of our packages.  You tell us what you need, what information you are looking for, and we will try to provide the most accurate information in a timely manner.  Contact us anytime to discuss your needs.