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Eagle PI - Denver's Child Custody Investigator
February 15, 2014

A child custody investigator is a private investigator that appointed by the court, hired by one parent or a CFI to investigate the other parent by gathering information and evidence pertaining to their activities and character to show that they are not acting in the best interest of a child.

What is the difference between a Child Custody Investigator (CCI) and a Child and Family Investigator (CFI)?  Honestly, not much.  In most cases, the difference between a CCI and a CFI is a nothing more the technique and approach used to gather evidence used by the court to determine the custody of a child.  CCI’s engage in legal investigative techniques to provide you the verifiable documentation to assist the legal professionals in pursuit of the best interest of your child.

Most CFI’s are very professional and extensively trained in the legal and clinical aspects of a child custody matter.  A CCI is trained in performing tasks outside the formal clinical setting.  These tasks can include; background screenings, records gathering, interviews, surveillance, and financial investigations.

In every child custody matter there are issues of law and fact.  A CCI is a fact finder.  The CCI gathers verifiable documentation and irrefutable proof of fact that when presented in a thorough and logical way can assist an attorney portray an accurate picture so the court can render a decision in favor for the best interest of your child.


All too often it becomes clear that one parent is “manipulating” the courts and advocates with a facade that does not accurately represent their character or lifestyle.  For one reason or another, the subject parent is unable to make or demonstrate that they are able to provide a safe environment for their child outside of the courtroom or advocates offices.

Since a judge or advocate is unlikely to witness either parent’s activities outside the courtroom or office it becomes the duties of the Child Custody Investigator to obtain the verifiable documentation to substantiate the accusations and beliefs.

As a fact finder, a Child Custody Investigator is trained and possesses the knowledge to obtain verifiable documentation regarding current and past character and lifestyles of parties involved, criminal and domestic histories, living conditions of the child, work history, income, assets, treatment of the child, unsafe environments and issues of reckless driving, alcohol or drugs consumption, and neglect and abuse.


We take child custody cases very seriously.  Although we maybe hired and paid by one parent, we consider our client to be the child.  We maybe investigating one parent but we will also consult our client if we believe they are engaged in activities that will be a detriment to the best interest of the child.  And if needed, we will provide information to the appropriate authority if the client’s activities do not stop or change.

All too often the child becomes an ignored victim of the process.  The child must rely upon the adults around them to help protect them and ensure their best interests are looked after.  Anything involving a child can bring with it a large amount of emotion.  Because of this, we prefer to work with you along side our attorney to prioritize the investigative tasks we will conduct to ensure the greatest benefit to your child’s safety and welfare.

We understand that not all child custody matters may have an attorney or advocate involved.  If this is the case, we will exercise every discretion to ensure we do not do anything that will jeopardize your child!!!  We will attempt to help you look past your emotions and to the custody issues and directly to the issues that will benefit your child and provide you verifiable evidence to assist enforcing that one simple standard – THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD!!!